Elaine Maslin Elaine Maslin
Acting Business Editor, EDP
Welcome to the first online edition of the EDP Business Guide Top 75, our analysis of the industries that make up East Anglia's business scene.
Here is your guide to this year's Top 75, a league table of the companies with the largest turnover, as well as a sector by sector analysis of how the region's industries have performed.

David Lambert David Lambert
of Savills Commercial Agency (Norwich)

Blue, gold.and silver? It won't have escaped your notice that life has been pretty colourful in Britain recently. What effect the coalition government will have in the political long term has filled more than a few column centimetres, and I don't propose to add much to them here.

Except to say that, in this new environment, we are listening closely for answers to the big questions that faced the pre-election property market - planning reform and housing delivery, for example, and the implications for land use and development viability. Read More >>