Future 50 List
How the judging works

The judges have applied the same simple criteria since the launch of Future50 in 2009.

Each year they consider the progress of the entrepreneurs featured the previous year. Have they lived up to their own expectations? Have they matched their plans for growth? Our judging team carries out dozens of site visits - talking to entrepreneurs about their progress. Inevitably, some candidates from the previous year drop out - new faces are brought in. But all are invited to take part in events and participate in the wider Future50 project.

The candidates need to demonstrate:

  • A track record of rapid growth – or the potential for rapid growth;
  • A belief in the success of the business that outweighs a fear of failure;
  • An appetite for risk;
  • A venture that has made an impact on its marketplace or has the potential to make an impact – in the region and beyond.

There are no barriers by age or gender and the judges also consider entries from social enterprises as well as "for profit" ventures.


So do you know someone who has what it takes to join our Future50 project?