Future 50 List
Gavin Farmer
Scion Sprays

Activity at headquarters in Hethel and also in China has helped mark out the year for Scion Sprays.

The engineering firm works to reduce emissions and improve small engine efficiency using innovative technologies.

The business has 17 full time staff and several people have been recruited to support production, with more to follow.

Major developments in 2011 included setting up injector production at Hethel, which required a £250,000 investment in machinery including automatic testing of injector quality.

'Our plan is to steadily increase the automation level as volume grows so that we can keep this at Hethel as an advanced manufacturing installation,' said managing director Gavin Farmer.

'Meanwhile we have set up a company in China to procure the basic components and conduct the general assembly of the completed engine management product.

'This gives us some labour cost savings but was mainly done to give us an entry point into the Chinese market.

'We believe this split of UK high-tech with China conventional–tech is the optimum approach for us and the UK as a whole.'

Mr Farmer said turnover in 2011 had been £250,000 but in the last couple of months production has started so this is going to increase rapidly from now on.

New business has seen an order secured to develop the firm's engine management system for a ride on mower engine manufacturer, which is now being developed.

The business also exhibited at a Chinese motorcycle exhibition and presented at conferences in India and Japan.

Location: Hethel
Sector: Engineering
Turnover: £250,000
Staff: 22
Website: www.scion-
We believe this split of UK high–tech with China conventional–
tech is the optimum approach for us and the UK as a whole