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Graham Tuttle
Norfolk Community Foundation

The community foundation network is designed to promote philanthropy in specific locations.

Norfolk Community Foundation was established in 2005 and is, perhaps obviously, dedicated to Norfolk.

It encourages charitable giving to address the needs of Norfolk communities and to support community self help.

'To that end, we target grants and loans that make a genuine difference to the lives of Norfolk people,' said director Graham Tuttle.

'We manage funds donated by individuals and organisations, building endowment and acting as the vital link between local donors and local needs.

'Our focus is on those smaller charities, organisations and individuals that need financial support to continue their valuable work.'

Since 2009 the foundation has grown its endowment from £800,000 to £4.6m. It also delivers in excess of £1.2m of flow through funds to charities and community groups across the county.

In 2009 the foundation provided grants in excess of £1.1m to more than 500 organisations, which was an increase of over 100pc against 2008. This figure increased to more than £1.2m in 2010. It is anticipated to be £1m in 2011.

More than 900 charities and community groups have been helped by the foundation since its creation.

In the last two years there has been a significant step change in the foundation with growth of the donor base and the creation of many new products that can meet supporters' charitable aims.

There is now provision of loans alongside grant programmes as social finance becomes more recognised in the sector as an acceptable alternative to pure grant making.

The foundation has also launched the Norfolk 100 membership scheme that seeks to make philanthropy affordable to all.

The foundation was recognised as the most successful foundation per head of population in the country in terms of fund raising and delivering grants under the government Grassroots Endowment Challenge programme.

Mr Tuttle has also been elected to the National Community Foundations Board, which provides Norfolk with the opportunity to lead on the Big Society national agenda.

Location: Norwich
Sector: Charity
Turnover: £5,300,000
Staff: 6
Website: www.norfolk
we target grants and loans that make a genuine difference to the lives of Norfolk people