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People in Norfolk have saved £1m in the last year thanks to group buying, daily deals website Tickles.

Launched in East Anglia last year, the site now features deals in Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge and London.

Half price – or better – mechanical checks for cars, health treatments, haircuts, meals and boiler services are just some of the deals on offer.

Archant, the publishers of the EDP, acquired a joint stake in the business in January.

The service is free to users, or 'Ticklers', who sign up to receive local offers. If they like the offer, they purchase a voucher online which they can redeem with the merchant, but only if a minimum number of people required have signed up for the offer, which is called reaching a 'happy point'.

By agreeing to sell a minimum number of vouchers, businesses are able to offer the heavy discounts on their goods not normally available to individual customers.

It works for the participating businesses because they have a guaranteed number of customers, receive promotion and if the happy point is not reached the deal costs them nothing.

Tickles provides consumers with different money–saving offers in a variety of different methods, including an iPhone application and a daily email.

Founder Marcus Pearcey has already seen his hopes of rolling the concept out across the region successful and hopes for further expansion.

The business was formed from a former mobile phone voucher website, Tickred.

Location: Norwich
Sector: E-commerce
Website: www.tickles.co.uk
I’m confident we’ll hit our turnover targets for this year