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Rebecca Lewis Smith
Fountain Partnership

Founded in the depths of the recession in January 2009, Fountain has been grown organically from a copywriting service to a search engine optimisation (SEO) and internet marketing company.

It is run with steadfast ethical principles and an insatiable eagerness to learn.

Fountain started its trajectory offering copywriting services and consisting of Marcus Hemsley, Rebecca Lewis Smith and several freelance specialist writers.

Joined by fellow young entrepreneurs Rob Morley and Laura Jennings at the end of 2009, the offering was expanded to include SEO and internet marketing, as well as translation and international marketing services to Scandinavian companies.

Now the majority of business is SEO and internet marketing and clients range from local enterprises to international companies.

The business takes a content–oriented approach to SEO, increasing clients' online presence while improving their rankings for search terms that will genuinely help them expand their business.

'We are on the brink of a rapid and exciting growth period,' said managing director Miss Lewis Smith.

'Fountain has succeeded through hard work and strong relationships with Norwich businesses.

'Our commitment to ethical business practises began with a desire to promote companies that do good in the world and has led to the most important elements of our business, which are transparency and accountability.

'We proudly maintain exceptionally strong relationships with our clients, keeping them as updated as they want to be and giving them the opportunity to find out exactly what we are doing, why and how.

'We empower our smaller clients to learn SEO themselves and work with larger companies to ensure that their internet marketing investment brings genuine returns and functions as a coherent part of their growth strategies.'

New premises and extra staff are both on the very near horizon.

Location: Norwich
Sector: Web Services
Turnover: £150,000
Staff: 5
Website: www.fountain
We are on the brink of a rapid and exciting growth period