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Rowan Gormley
Naked Wines

There are tens of thousands of Naked Wine 'angels' helping winemakers make a living, while enjoying the produce from those winemakers, thanks to Rowan Gormley's business.

Naked Wine's unusual way of selling wine is for customers, called angels, to invest in small winemakers, before the wine is made or the crop of grapes even picked.

This leads to the claim from the business that 'we don't just buy and sell wines, we make them happen'.

Turnover has spiraled in the last few years, with the last three years seeing figures of £4m, £9m and the latest result of £20m.

The internet order company, founded in November 2008, allows 'good winemakers to invest in quality and not waste funds on slick marketing campaigns'.

More than 66,000 angels have joined the scheme, up from around half that figure last year.

Key developments in the last year, said Mr Gormley, include the launch of a Wine Demon application, which has been designed to be akin to Trip Advisor but for wine. It will allow users to assess wines while they are in the supermarket, in restaurants or anywhere else, based on other drinkers' reviews.

Location: Norwich
Sector: Online trading
Turnover: £20m
Staff: 42
Website: www.nakedwines.com
we don't just buy and sell wines, we make them happen