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Rory Sexton
Economy Car Hire

'Very fierce' competition over the past year has not stopped Economy Car Hire grow its total booking volume by 36pc.

Turnover is up from £15m to £17.5m, while staff numbers have remained static at 19.

Founder Rory Sexton said that the weight of competition was down to new companies appearing in the market and a surplus of cars.

Mr Sexton said it had also been a difficult time from a personal point of view because of family illness, which meant the business had not had his full attention.

'We do have a very good team in place, everybody is very hard–working and they enjoy the fast–paced and challenging world of car hire.

'It's a great environment to work in.'

The business has concentrated its efforts on being more competitively priced and making sure that customers receive the best possible service from their car rental partners.

Marketing efforts have been improved and the website enhanced in order to increase the take–up rate for new customers, although it has also increased customer retention.

The coming year will see several initiatives launched to make further improvements.

The business aims to see growth of at least 20pc in the next year.

Location: Dereham
Sector: e-commerce
Turnover: £17.5m
Staff: 19
Website: www.economy
It's a great environment to work in