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Will Bridgman and Richard Bridgman

A world first this year saw Watermist achieve an insurance approval which means they expect significant extra sales in the restaurant and commercial kitchen sector.

The company has become the first to win the highly acclaimed loss prevention standard 1223 fire test with a high pressure system.

Watermist products protect a range of commercial buildings, including prisons and archives, from fire and water damage.

Their products include Hydramist, a fire suppression system, which distributes water in a fine spray using a patented precision nozzle, choking off a fire rather than flooding it in water and reducing damage caused by that water.

Will Bridgman said the test program which led to the new standard was approved by the Building Research Establishment in October and was the result of significant investment in development and real fire testing of the Hydramist brand of products.

'The company is justifiably proud to have achieved such an accolade and expects sales to increase steadily in the restaurant and commercial kitchen sector through this insurance approval,' said Mr Bridgman.

'But the financial investment and hard work from the team isn't going to stop there.'

During 2012 Watermist will continue to develop the available markets for the Hydramist brand with a new series of real fire tests.

Over the last year headcount has increased to four full time employees plus four directors who take a very active role in the running of the business.

The business hopes to make sales in excess of £10m in five years time.

Location: Thetford
Sector: Manufacturing
Turnover: £1m (2012 prediction)
Staff: 4
Website: www.watermist.com
the financial investment and hard work from the team isn't going to stop