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Ben Farrin
The Student Pocket Guide

Students in 20 cities across the UK receive 600,000 copies of The Student Pocket Guide each year.

That achievement has grown from Ben Farrin's initial efforts in his bedroom, when he began as a sole trader in 2005.

The guide is a free student magazine taken to colleges and universities nationwide.

It now employs seven full time staff and has also provided two internships to ex UEA students.

'To date I have managed to raise investment for my company and prove I can create a brand which has respect within its industry,' said Mr Farrin.

'I would go as far as saying we are market leaders within the student media sector.

'I look forward to continuing to develop my business and experience as much as I possibly can.

'As soon as my company is able to run itself I will endeavour to start a new company, and hopefully one day I will have an empire!'

Mr Farrin has a string of awards to his name. In the early days of 2006 he won the UEA business plan competition and at the same awards walked away with the creative industry first prize.

The Norfolk and Suffolk Shell Livewire award followed the same year.

And this year he entered the company into the Barclays Take One Small Step awards and won the Eastern Region first prize, which included a £50,000 investment from Barclays.

'I am constantly thinking of new, innovative ways to develop my business further,' added Mr Farrin.

'I have directed a short movie, to encourage public votes for the Barclays business competition.

'This movie received 50,000 views in just one week.

'I have a great team, who have helped me achieve the company's success.'

During 2012 The Student Pocket Guide will increase its distribution locations from 20 to 30.

Location: Norwich
Sector: Media
Turnover: £250,000
Staff: 7
Website: www.thestudentpocket
I am constantly thinking of new, innovative ways to develop my business further