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Catherine Temple
Mrs Temple's Cheese

The reach of Catherine Temple's cheeses has been an extraordinary Norfolk success story for the best part of decade.

But it is also a business with increasingly significant national and international contacts.

Farm shops, pubs, restaurants, celebrity chefs – they all love the diverse range of cheeses produced from this most successful of farm diversification projects.

This year saw the launch of a new product, a washed rind cheese called Guerney Gold.

'This new cheese gives a further texture and flavour and visual impact to the Norfolk cheeseboard,' said Mrs Temple.

The business was delighted, added Mrs Temple, that turnover has matched that of 2010, when the disposable income of their customers has been eroded by inflation and the recession.

Income from 2010 has been reinvested to release production bottlenecks and ease workload.

Wheeled carriers for the cheese mean it no longer has to be carried, which makes the premises easier to clean. In turn this releases more skilled staff time for production and product development.

And with better shelving the business can make and mature more cheese in the same premises.

This has released more time for meeting customers and groups now came to the farm by appointment to see the anaerobic digestor and green energy initiatives.

More than £1000 has been raised for charity through speaking engagements and farm visits which has helped both the local community and supported development work in Malawi.

Four volunteers have been trained to establish cheesemaking in rural communities in Kyrgyzstan, while the business has visited cheese producers in the UK, New Zealand, Germany and Austria to learn more about the industry.

On the horizon is further product development and exploration of developing cheese flavours by reseeding the farm's meadows with alternative herb mixtures.

Location: Wells-next-the-Sea
Sector: Food
Turnover: £300,000
Staff: 6–7
an extraordinary Norfolk success story for the best part of decade