Norfolk Tourism
We have so much to offer

Tourism is a significant contributor to the wealth of Norfolk, contributing more than £2.4bn to the economy, writes Elaine Maslin, acting EDP business editor

What we have to offer holidaymakers in the UK and abroad is hard to beat - we have a magnificent coastline, a vibrant city packed with culture and retail, modern resorts, the Broads, boutique hotels, country retreats and the list goes on. read more>>
What a great success story
Andrew Hird
Norfolk has a great story to tell about the success of tourism in our county. In a constantly-evolving and complex sector, year after year, the companies involved in Norfolk tourism are proving themselves innovative and adaptable - and always willing to make the most of the wonderful natural resource that is our business.

So, as the leading visitor information distribution service across Eastern England, Leisure Target Tourism Services is proud to be associated with the EDP-Larking Gowen Tourism Business Survey.

Once again, it highlights key trends in the industry, which will help to shape decision-making, while building up a database of information.

Andrew Hird Managing Director, Leisure Target Tourism Services
Let's hear it - the louder, the better
Brian Potter
Tourism is a diverse and fragmented industry, but that takes nothing away from its economic importance both nationally and locally - and as such the louder the tourism voice the better.

Whether you sell accommodation, food and drink, retail goods or receive your income from tourism support services, a survey may gather dust, but on the other hand it offers a chance to promote and increase the voice and awareness of the vital role and importance of tourism to our region.

This is why Potters Leisure Resort was keen to become involved in this survey. After all, it's another chance to get our message over to a new government that is hopefully less hard of hearing than the last.

Brian Potter Chairman, Potters Leisure Resort